Filippos Kyprianou

Vonage for Startups

Filippos is running our Startup program at Vonage. He is passionate about all things innovation, startups and positive social impact.

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Introducing Vonage for Startups

Last updated on Feb 24, 2021

We are thrilled to announce Vonage for Startups, Vonage’s first program aimed at supporting startup companies, designed to help startups build products faster by connecting them to Vonage’s resources, people and Communications APIs.

Vonage has always had a number of startups using our APIs to build amazing products but Vonage for Startups aims to further our presence in the ecosystem and nurture a community through education and support.

What Does Vonage for Startups Involve?

The program is tailored specifically for the needs of early-stage startups, with curated content, tailored support, a community of peers and bespoke resources so they can build their products. It is designed to educate them about our Communications APIs and how to use them for their applications. There are also opportunities for them to receive more hands-on mentorship, training and preferential access to our products.

Alongside our own workshops and content, we have partnered with Startup Grind, the world's largest community of startups, to facilitate a number of activities to support the startups in their programs. We are currently finalising partnerships with a number of other accelerators, incubators, VCs and startup-enabling organizations to provide the necessary support to their respective startup communities. Over the coming months, we will be providing a number of workshops and 1:1 sessions for startups in order to educate them about the benefits of Communications APIs.

What Do Startups Receive As Part of the Program?

The program has been built with a founder-first approach. We recognize that each startup has different needs and can benefit from Communications APIs in a variety of ways. The program has been designed based on 4-pillars:

  • Learning - - Startups will gain access to Vonage technical resources and curated startup content to learn how to use our APIs and save valuable time.

  • Building - Startups will utilize our products through a credits package and tailored technical sessions to build their MVP, reach more customers and grow their business.

  • Supporting - Selected startups can leverage Vonage resources tailored to their needs to solve challenges they are facing.

  • Connecting - Startups will join our community and have the opportunity to engage with other founders, developers and advocates.

How can I participate?

Anybody can join our community and benefit from our educational material, startup content, event participation and more. Whether you are a founder, a corporate, a developer or just an individual curious about startups, please register to join the community.

Startups that meet the following criteria, can register their interest to receive a tailored package, including credits and more hands-on support:

  • Early-stage (Pre Series A)
  • Founded in the past 5 years
  • Company Website and associated Emails
  • Vonage API Account (1 minute to create -
  • Not an existing managed customer

Finally, if you're an incubator, accelerator, angel investor, venture capital firm or other startup enabling organization looking for support for your portfolio companies with our communications APIs, consider partnering with us.

If you have any questions about the program or want to learn more about the program, please visit our website or get in touch at