Martyn Davies

Director of Developer Education

Former Director of Developer Education at Vonage. With a background as a creative developer, product manager, and hack day organizer, Martyn has been working as a technology advocate since 2012 hav...

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Join the OutSystems, Vonage & LINKIT 2020 Developer Challenge

Last updated on Oct 29, 2020

The past few years have seen the rise of application development platforms that require minimal coding and allow developers to build everything from simple workflows all the way to comprehensive applications that replace legacy systems.

As a matter of fact, the research firm Gartner expects that so-called "low-code" platforms will account for a whopping 65% of application development by 2024. That is a key piece of the digital transformation happening in companies around the world.

It impacts everything from Customer Experience to backend processes across all sectors: financial services, insurance, healthcare and telemedicine, field services, public sector, education, commerce, logistics, and more.

OutSystems is a recognized leader in modern application development. In the OutSystems visual development environment, you can easily build an app with communication workflows thanks to the drag-and-drop Vonage components built by LINKIT, which are available now on the OutSystems Forge marketplace.

Here is a short video showing how easily you can build a Vonage-powered workflow on OutSystems in very little time.

Vonage has partnered with OutSystems and LINKIT to give you a chance to learn, experiment, and build an application project as part of the 2020 Developer Challenge that kicks off on November 4 and runs through November 10.

Find out more and register to take part!

The possibilities of modern application development and embedded digital communications are limitless and we want to give the community a chance to push the boundaries - and win prizes!