Fabian Rodriguez

Vonage Team Member

Fabian was part of the Developer Experience Team at Vonage. He is a passionate software engineer who loves open source, machine learning and coffee. When he isn't working on making our docs better...

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Fabian Joins the Nexmo Developer Experience Team

Last updated on May 13, 2021

Hi 👋, I'm Fabian Rodriguez and I'm really excited to say that I've recently joined the Nexmo Developer Experience team as a Ruby Tech Lead, where I'll be focusing on improving the Developer Platform and taking our docs to the next level.

I was born in Uruguay (Yes, that small country that won the FIFA World Cup twice) were I grew up playing football and weekends meant going to the beach and barbecues. However, I've been living in Germany for the last couple of years. It was an exciting change, I moved there in the first place to get a Master's degree and I decided to stay for a while, now I have friends all over Europe which is great because I love to travel.

I've been doing web development for as long as I can remember mostly with Ruby and all things Javascript, but recently I've spent a lot of time working on Machine Learning and Data Mining projects in Python, it's a subject that I find quite interesting and keeps me studying new technologies.

My passion for tech started when I took a programming course when I was in high school and learnt a bit about open source software. One thing led to another, and before I realised, I've gotten a Bachelor's Degree, worked with startups and large companies around the globe and I even co-founded a consulting company.

Outside of work I love to watch Football, to read novels and science fiction mostly (I'm quite excited about this Stephen King renaissance we are going through) and to spend my time outdoors running, swimming and biking although german winter is making it a bit hard but it is a great opportunity to pick up winter sports 😜.