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Julia is a Developer Advocate for Vonage focusing on low-code technologies and integrations. Maker and breaker of things, explorer of yet another builder tool. Forever challenging the barriers to e...

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Julia joins the Nexmo Developer Relations team!

Last updated on May 03, 2021

Oh, hey! I’m Julia and I’m super excited to start my Developer Relations career at Nexmo!

I’m a people person, passionate about education and a reformed designer turned coder. I'm trying to learn new things as I go - and by that I mean as I fly, preferably halfway across the world.

I’ve done industrial product design for a while, then a year ago I decided to move to London and also went freelance for the first time in my life.

Coming from a Computer Science background, coding has always been a passion, and I always wanted to do more of it. I started giving myself opportunities to learn whatever I wanted, experiment with new programming languages and frameworks and play around with APIs - to just build stuff.

At the same time, I started going to conferences, hackathons and meetups, sleeping in airports and being based in random hotels. I got a peek into the DevRel life, and it just hit me - Developer Relations was the perfect combination of skills I already had. Now, there’s no going back, this is what I want to do.

I am joining Nexmo as the 3½-in-1 bundle of joy that I am, also known as junior community manager/developer advocate/designer/intern. I’m hoping to code a little, learn a lot, and most importantly, help provide good developer experience for you to build fantastic stuff - yes, there is swag involved.?

See you around at an event soon, so feel free to reach out to me on Twitter.