Audit Events

Audit Events are generated automatically by Vonage as the user interacts with either a Vonage API or the Vonage Dashboard. Each Audit Event object has a type and associated metadata.

Audit Event types

The following table lists currently supported Audit Event types:

Audit Event Type Description
ACCOUNT_UPDATE_SETTINGS Account Settings updated
ACCOUNT_UPDATE_SETTINGS_API Account Settings updated via API
ACCOUNT_SECRET_CREATE Secret Rotation operation
ACCOUNT_SECRET_DELETE Secret Rotation operation
APP_CREATE App created
APP_DELETE App deleted
APP_DISABLE App disabled
APP_ENABLE App enabled
APP_UPDATE App updated
AUTORELOAD_DISABLE Automatic reload disabled
AUTORELOAD_ENABLE Automatic reload enabled
AUTORELOAD_UPDATE Automatic reload settings updated
NUMBER_ASSIGN Number assigned
NUMBER_USER_CANCELED Number was canceled by the user
NUMBER_UPDATED Number updated
NUMBER_LINKED Number linked to Vonage application
NUMBER_UNLINKED Number unlinked from Vonage application
USER_API_KEYS_UPDATE Sub-accounts for user updated
USER_BILLING_UPDATE User billing updated
USER_CREATE User created
USER_LOGIN User login (Premium Support only)
USER_LOGOUT User logout (Premium Support only)
USER_PRODUCT_SEARCH Relates to searching for CDRs or logs in Dashboard
USER_STATUS User status updated
USER_UPDATE User updated
IP_WHITELIST_CREATE Whitelist IP deleted

NOTE: The list of supported event types does change from time to time. For this reason the OPTIONS method is provided to return event types. You can see how to return the definitive list of event types from the Get event types code snippet

Audit event objects

When you retrieve Audit Events objects via the API they will each have an event_type field, where the event_type will be an entry from the table above. In addition the Audit Event object contains other metadata depending on the type.

For example, for a NUMBER_UPDATED event type the event object would resemble the following:

        "_links": {
          "self": {
            "href": ""
        "id": "aaaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-0123456789ab",
        "event_type": "NUMBER_UPDATED",
        "event_type_description": "Number updated",
        "created_at": "2018-05-16T16:34:22",
        "user_email": "",
        "user_id": 1234567,
        "account_id": "VONAGE_API_KEY",
        "source": "CD",
        "source_ip": "",
        "source_description": "Customer dashboard",
        "source_country": "GB",
        "context": {
          "country": "GB",
          "msisdn": "447700900000",
          "http": "",
          "voice-type": "app",
          "voice-value": "VONAGE_APP_ID"