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API Errors

When a Nexmo API returns an error, for instance, if your account has no credit, the API will return an error in RFC 7807 format.

This provides a basic explanation of what the issue is, why it occurred and steps to resolve it. Check out the example to see how an out-of-credit is formatted.

You'll likely want to consider up-front what errors your application will need to handle, this page provides a list of all the possible errors that could occur with a more detailed explanation of how they can be addressed.

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Content-Type: application/problem+json
Content-Language: en
"type": "",
"title": "You do not have enough credit",
"detail": "Your current balance is 30, but that costs 50.",
"instance": "<trace_id>"

Reports API

Error ID Information Actions
invalid-request-parameters Details:

The provided payload is invalid


Modify your request to provide a valid payload

View API reference
invalid-abort-operation Details:

The job is already in a terminated state such as SUCCESS, TRUNCATED, FAILED or ABORTED.



View API reference
rate-limit Details:

The request was rate limited.


The Reports API supports 5 requests per second. Slow down your request rate.