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Error ID Information Actions
1000 Details:

Throttled - You have exceeded the submission capacity allowed on this account. Please wait and retry

1010 Details:

Missing params - Your request is incomplete and missing some mandatory parameters.

1020 Details:

Invalid params - The value of one or more parameters is invalid.

1021 Details:

Invalid tag - The tag value is invalid.

1022 Details:

Invalid template - Invalid template or template parameters

1030 Details:

Internal error - There was an error processing your request in the Platform.

1040 Details:

Invalid message - The Platform was unable to process your request. For example, due to an unrecognised prefix for the phone number.

1050 Details:

Number barred - The number you are trying to submit to is blacklisted and may not receive messages.

1060 Details:

Partner account barred - The api_key you supplied is for an account that has been barred from submitting messages.

1070 Details:

Partner quota exceeded - Your pre-paid account does not have sufficient credit to process this message.

1080 Details:

Account not enabled for REST - This account is not provisioned for REST submission, you should use SMPP on the SMS API.

1090 Details:

Message too long - The length of udh and body was greater than 140 octets for a binary type SMS request.

1100 Details:

Communication Failed - Message was not submitted because there was a communication failure.

1120 Details:

Illegal Sender Address - rejected - Due to local regulations, the SenderID you set in from in the request was not accepted. Please check the Global messaging section.

1130 Details:

Invalid TTL - The value of ttl in your request was invalid.

1140 Details:

Facility not allowed - Your request makes use of a facility that is not enabled on your account.

1150 Details:

Invalid Message class - The value of message-class in your request was out of range. See

1160 Details:

Non White-listed Destination - The phone number you set in to is not in your pre-approved destination list. To send messages to this phone number, add it using Dashboard.

1170 Details:

Invalid or Missing Msisdn Param - The phone number you supplied in the to parameter of your request was either missing or invalid.

1180 Details:

Absent Subscriber Temporary - This message was not delivered because to was temporarily unavailable. For example, the handset used for to was out of coverage or switched off. This is a temporary failure, retry later for a positive result.

1190 Details:

Absent Subscriber Permanent - to is no longer active, You should remove this phone number from your database.

1200 Details:

Portability Error - There is an issue after the user has changed carrier for to. If the user wants to receive messages from you, they need to contact their carrier directly.

1210 Details:

Anti-Spam Rejection - Carriers often apply restrictions that block messages following different criteria. For example on SenderID or message content.

1220 Details:

Handset Busy - The handset associated with to was not available when this message was sent. If status is rejected, this is a temporary failure; retry later for a positive result. If status is submitted, this message has is in the retry scheme and will be resent until it expires in 24-48 hours.

1230 Details:

Network Error - A network failure while sending your message. This is a temporary failure, retry later for a positive result.

1240 Details:

Illegal Number - You tried to send a message to a blacklisted phone number. That is, the user has already sent a STOP opt-out message and no longer wishes to receive messages from you.

1241 Details:

Too many send requests - Too many send requests to phone numbers.

1250 Details:

Unroutable - The chosen route to send your message is not available. This is because the phone number is either currently on an unsupported network or on a pre-paid or reseller account that could not receive a message sent by from. To resolve this issue either email us at or create a helpdesk ticket at

1260 Details:

Destination unreachable - The message could not be delivered to the phone number. If using Viber Service Messages your account might not be enabled for this country.

1270 Details:

Subscriber Age Restriction - The carrier blocked this message because the content is not suitable for to based on age restrictions.

1280 Details:

Number Blocked by Carrier - The carrier blocked this message. This could be due to several reasons. For example, to's plan does not include SMS or the account is suspended.

1290 Details:

Pre-Paid - Insufficient funds - to’s pre-paid account does not have enough credit to receive the message.

1300 Details:

Not part of the provider network - The number or ID is not a user in the provider network.

1310 Details:

Not suitable device - The user's device can't receive the message.

1320 Details:

Message already sent - The message was already sent.

1330 Details:

Unknown - An unknown error was received from the carrier who tried to send this this message. Depending on the carrier, that to is unknown. When you see this error, and status is rejected, always check if to in your request was valid.

1331 Details:

Provider error - The provider is not responding or unable to process the request. Please try sending your message in a few minutes time.

1340 Details:

Outside of the allowed window - This message is sent outside of allowed response window.

1350 Details:

Phone matching fee not paid - Requires phone matching access fee to be paid by the Facebook Page.

1360 Details:

TTL was activated - TTL was activated, no callbacks and no charge will be issued.

1370 Details:

Expired access Token - Please reauthenticate your Facebook Page with Vonage.

1380 Details:

Invalid resource - Please check that the URL your provided to your resrouce is accesible and valid.

1381 Details:

Resource size is too large - Please try sending a smaller media file.

1382 Details:

Resource type is invalid - Please check that the file you are trying to send is valid.

1400 Details:

Unsupported channel - The channel specified in the request is not supported.

1410 Details:

Invalid channel parameters - The value of one or more parameters is invalid.

1420 Details:

Invalid sender - The from parameter is invalid for the given channel.

1430 Details:

Invalid recipient - The to parameter is invalid for the given channel.

1440 Details:

Invalid message type - The message type specified in the request is not supported for the given channel.

1450 Details:

Invalid client reference - The client reference can be a string of up to 40 characters.