Create a Subaccount

In this code snippet you will see how to create a subaccount.


Ensure the following variables are set to your required values using any convenient method:

Key Description
VONAGE_API_KEY The API key of the parent account.
VONAGE_API_SECRET The API secret of the parent account.
NEW_SUBACCOUNT_NAME The name of the new subaccount.
NEW_SUBACCOUNT_SECRET The API secret of the new subaccount.

Write the code

Add the following to

     -H "Content-Type: application/json"  \
     -d $'{"name":"$NEW_SUBACCOUNT_NAME", "secret":"$NEW_SUBACCOUNT_SECRET"}'

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Run your code

Save this file to your machine and run it:


Try it out

When you run the code you create a new subaccount of the parent account.

NOTE: This code snippet will create a subaccount that has a credit and balance facility shared with the parent account. If you want to create a subaccount that does not have a credit and balance shared with the parent then you need to set use_primary_account_balance to false when you create the subaccount.