Add Users to the Conversation

You must now add your Users as Members of the Conversation using Vonage CLI. To add Alice to the conversation, replace CONVERSATION_ID in the command below with your conversation ID generated previously (CON-...) and ALICE_USER_ID with the ID generated (USR-...) when you created the Alice user in the previous step:

To use Vonage CLI Conversation commands you need the Conversations plugin to be installed. If you have not done so already, it can be installed by running the following command: vonage plugins:install @vonage/cli-plugin-conversations

vonage apps:conversations:members:add CONVERSATION_ID ALICE_USER_ID

The output is ID of the Member:

Member added: MEM-aaaaaaa-bbbb-cccc-dddd-0123456789ab

Now you need to add Bob to the Conversation. Similarly, replace the CONVERSATION_ID and BOB_USER_ID then run the command:

vonage apps:conversations:members:add CONVERSATION_ID BOB_USER_ID
Member added: MEM-eeeeeee-...