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Join #Nextoberfest. Tis the Season to be Hacking!

Last updated on May 03, 2021

We wanted to encourage and help people participating in #Hacktoberfest this month. We want to celebrate people submitting pull requests to open source projects and reward those who choose to do so on the Nexmo repositories on GitHub, helping make them better!

If you get at least one pull request merged on any Nexmo repo between October 1st – 31st, we'll ship you a free special edition Nexmo t-shirt.

Any merged pull request will count, but we'd like you to please remember the spirit of open source and make a meaningful contribution to projects or documentation. Please be kind to the project maintainers and fellow community members.

How to participate

  • Find a project that interests you. You can find our list of repos on GitHub under the Nexmo and nexmo-community organisations
  • Browse the list of open issues or make a new one clearly stating the problem you want to fix.
  • Create a pull request with your improvements to the code or documentation.
  • Fill out this form so we can ship you the T-Shirt at the end of the month.

…that’s it!

Our Nextoberfest t-shirt design is a surprise that we're unveiling towards the end of the month, but we're not above teasing it a bit: it's going to feature our specially designed Nextoberfest mascot and logo.

Contributions come in many shapes and sizes, and don't have to necessarily be code. Creating a better developer experience through our documentation is something we care deeply within our team. If you want to help us improve our docs, you can find them in the nexmo-developer repository on GitHub.

If code is more your pace, we have libraries for .net, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python and Ruby you could help improve. We've also got a handy command line tool written in Node.js and an experimental Go library.

We’re striving for an easy and simple path to contribution and we want to encourage participation from anyone and everyone, across geographies, experience, and expertise. If you need help, please join our Community Slack and reach out on the #nextoberfest channel.

Happy hacking!